We customize each Two-Way Radio System 
to fit unique customer needs

Traditional, analog systems are used in both portable and mobile applications

Portable Two-Way Radios
  • Often used for in-building or site-specific systems
  • Powered by rechargable batteries
  • Carried by an individual for personal use
  • With an FCC-assigned frequency, portable radios communicate with each other by being programmed on the same frequency
  • Radio repeaters are often used in large building/sites to increase or enhance signal qualtiy of each radio on the system

Mobile Two-Way Radios
  • Used most often for fleets of vehicles
  • Powered by the vehicle's battery
  • Installed into a vehicle - not portable
  • Radio towers connect each mobile radio for communicating between vehicles and/or to a central, control location (base station)

Digital Two-Way Radio systems are transforming the Two-Way Radio industry just as wireless/cell phones transformed the hard-wired/land-line telephone industry 

Digital systems extend radio coverage to off-site or remote locations via the internet, and include features familiar to wireless phone useres, without the monthly, recurring cost
  • Individual, private calling features
  • Selective group calling
  • Individual and group text messaging
  • Simple e-mail gateway capability
  • Telephone interconnect
  • GPS tracking
  • 3rd party management software

Additional Two-Way Information

CSS offers comprehensive FCC Licensing that compliments your Two-Way Radio System.  This licensing is required by law.

We also offer a Rental Radio service for special events and sell Used Radios when available.

​The Federal Government mandates that all Two-Way Radio systems must be Narrow Band -compliant by January 1, 2013.  This regualtion applies to both Two-Way Radio equipment and FCC licensing.  Most equipment manufactured in the last 10 years is Narrow Band-capable, and will only need updated radio programming.  FCC licences also need to be updated.  Older equipment will need to be replaced, but not necessarily with digital equipment.  
CSS holds Authorized Dealerships with Motorola, Kenwood and ICOM